Texture splatting demo

This demo was added to my demo collection in 2017 to celebrate the new demo page system, moving to a more convenient page editing solution.

Splatting (that is multitexturing with a blend map) is a special case of multi-texturing, where a special “map” texture is used to specify which texture should be used in each part of the object. The most straight-forward way to achieve this is to use the RGB channels, and up to three textures, but it is quite possible to handle more.

In this demo, I use the following RGB map:


which maps onto a small terrain like this:


which then controls the blending of three textures like this:


Note tha areas that are not pure R, G or B!

Basic version, using RGB:


Extended to 4 colors, using black:


Extended to 5 colors, using alpha:


Finally, the crazy 8 channel version - which has some problems at the edges which makes it harder to design with but it works under some limitations.


Updated 2022

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