Phong bunny and friends

This demo was created specifically to show how you can make a scene with different models (a bunny and Teddy) and different shaders. The big deal with this is really to make a shader active before trying to affect it, a simple thing which is very easy to do wrong.

New version 2024, using VectorUtils4 etc.

This demo was already available in C++ version, actually the main C++ demo in the past, and the one where I show how you can extend your code to use C++ classes. C++ has been supported for several years, but only recently become our primary course language.

Old versions:


This includes a C++ version, just adding operator overloading. Updated 2017.

New version 2021: Extending this as a C++ demo: This version demonstrates how to package models with other data (very little since this is a demo, not a general template) with structs, both C-style and C++-style (complete with an example of inheritance). Tested on Mac and Linux. Both give some warnings, but different ones, and both work.

Both versions updated 2022.


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