Psychedelic Teapot

Also known as “Ingemar's Psychedelic Teapot.” This example puts a simple animated procedural texture on the Utah Teapot. This is a rewrite of my original Psychedelic Teapot which was for OpenGL 2. It is also a great way to make your audience feel sick.

Updated 2019.


psychteapot-warp.tar.gz (special version demonstrating glutWarpPointer)

psych-teapot-2-vs.tar.gz (Visual Studio version) New 2017-09-13!

Psychedelic_teapot.tar.xz (Visual Studio version) New 2019-02-19! Important: This will output shader errors in the debug window. Not others errors at this point, this is a first try, but the shader errors are IMHO the most important ones. With older VS versions, printf went to the console that I always opened. This broke with recent VS versions but I can output text to the debug window.

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