On this page I collect a number of rather simple demos.


Spaceship demo from lecture 2, showing the effect of different order of transformations.

Skärmavbild 2023-01-24 kl. 06.53.35


Inline texture cube

This demo is a simple variation of the cube demos in the "16 simple" set. My standard inline texture "minitex" is applied to each side of a cube. This was an intermediate step towards the more interesting "mipmapcube" and "faked bumpmap". Thus, the whole point was to make a small example with an inline cube with texture coordinates.

Updated 2017 for Linux Mint. 2020 for tidying up. 2024 for C++/latest common.



Phong bunny

A prequel to some other demos with Phong shaded bunnies, but now also an example of using the mouse buttons.

Updated 2022.


Phong Stanford bunny

Many of my demos use the simple, nameless, bunny model of unknown origin, but here I use the well-known Stanford bunny instead.

Updated 2022. C++/latest common version 2024.



Simple shadow

The simplest way to make a shadow on a flat surface. Same as in TSBK03 lecture 3. C++ 2024.


Old version:


Planet system

An example of making hierarical animation, witn two spheres and a teddy satellite. Updated 2022. C++ 2024.



Textured glossy sphere

A simple example of gloss mapping. Updated to C++ 2024.

Old 2022 version:

Multitextured bunny

This is the multitextured bunny that I show at the lectures. Updated 2022. C++ 2024.




The simple white triangle demo, here reused as demo for glutWarpPointer. This may help you to make a decent mouse control. The demo locks the mouse pointer in the middle of the window with glutWarpPointer and uses the x offset to rotate the triangle.

Tested on Mac and Linux.

New version using the latest files:

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