Welcome to TNM084 for 2021!

Very preliminary page, work in progress!

This course deals with procedural generation of assets, primarily with the focus on assets for computer games and computer animations but not limited to these.

The course was created by Stefan Gustavson and has been given by him 16 times until 2019. Unfortunately, he is plagued by a long-time illness that caused the course to be canceled 2020. For 2021, we can still not promise Stefan to be in shape to be able to give the course, but this time I volunteered to step in and handle the course. Stefan is still involved, as my advisor. He may or may not take active part in the course.

This makes the 2021 course a challenge for me, and to some extent for you, since the course must be given with pretty extensive preparations in limited time. When Stefan gets better, I have every intention of handing the course back to him, which means that I should limit my time investments. However, I have no plan in letting this make the course bad. I take on the course since I like the subject and have done work in the area before. My own courses (TSBK07 and TSBK03) border to it, for a reason.

Stefan is giving me full freedom to handle the course my way. I will use Stefan's material a lot (of course I will!) but also model much after how I give my own courses.

Since I work and live in Linköping, I need to give lectures on-line. I have not yet decided if I will do that for some, all or none. The schedule, my own as well as the bus, will decide. The first lecture must be on-line because I have another lecture immediately before!

As you may have noted, this course page shares its looks and structure with my own courses but absolutely no other wepages that I know of. This is intentional: When you are on the course pages, it is obvious from the looks! This one is green, TSBK07 is blue and TSBK03 is red/black. And my demo page looks totally different from these because it is not a course page (but resources for the course pages). I like it that way!

Latest news:

2021-10-09: Reordered the news so latest is at the top. Of course.

2021-08-28: I now know that the course language needs to be english so I continue in english here and prepare lectures, too, in english.

2021-06-26: Lecture series and lab series are converging and looks like a plan.

2021-04-17: Page created.

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