Welcome to TSBK07!

This is the home page of TSBK07 Computer Graphics, a computer graphics course focused on real-time animations, parallel programming using graphics shaders, visualization and games.

The course starts from the basics, the mathematical foundations, and covers a wide diversity of topics, including vitals like shader programming, light and shading, texturing and visible surface detection, but also covers deeper topics like large world management, collision detection, fractals and ray-tracing.

We use modern OpenGL with GLSL in all laborations.

The course follows this model:

1) Lectures. Relatively passive learning, introducing theory and practice.

2) Laborations. Get active, learn how to do it yourself.

3) Project. Get creative! Make a project defined by yourself in communication with the course leader, go deeper into the topics that interest you the most.

The course book is primarily sold by Bokakademin, but the number available there is limited. It can also be ordered from Amazon but that takes time. You are welcome to follow the course with the electronic version only but the book is cheap so you don’t have to choose that for economic reasons.

Latest news:

2022-05-24: Uploaded two documents with solution notes for the primary exams of 2019 and 2018.

2022-05-18: Project presentations are soon done, lessons follow.

2022-05-09: Corrected the “equipment” paragraph on the project presentations page.

2022-04-27: The project presentation sessions booking system is now active!

2022-04-22: Project presentation sessions are scheduled but the booking system is not active yet.

2022-03-10: I know that you are making exams now, but let me say that I can still help you if you have problems with lab 3. (And lab 4 but I am not so worried about that.)

2022-02-16: Updated lab 4, now with the proper link to the updated material.

2022-02-15: Modified the data for the ground in lab 3, in order to avoid warnings with *vec3 vs *GLfloat.

2022-02-09: Corrected the point distribution (labs, project, exam) to match the official one.

2022-02-03: Lab 3 is now available in a revised version (to be considered preliminary until monday). I very much hope that this will make the lighting part easier!

2022-01-30: New files for lab 2 and 3 uploaded. Consider lab 3 preliminary. I am revising the instructions to make the hardest parts a bit more streamlined.

2022-01-25: Whiteboard photos from lecture 2 and 3 uploaded.

2022-01-24: Accidentally skipped the makefile. Fixed.

2022-01-23: Some last minute changes to lab 1 (simplifying the timer part).

2022-01-17: The first lecture is today. The course book is now available at Bokadademin.

2022-01-14: Welcome to TSBK07 2022!

2022-01-13: Work in progress for the course start. Updated the information for working under Windows.

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