For 2021, the labs will be in distance mode! Instructions about this will soon be available.

Labs are mandatory. You should typically do them in groups of 2.

You may prepare them in other time and place, but your results should be demonstrated at ordinary lab time. So if you plan to do the labs at home, come to at least one lab and demonstrate them all there - and be ready to do corrections. It is common that such "homework" has a couple of misunderstandings that the lab assistant will sort out for you.

All labs are programming labs done in the C programming language.

We work under Linux Mint. This is a Linux distribution which ISY has recently switched to. We expect that most of you will compile and run from the command-line, but if you prefer an IDE like Kdevelop (which is available in the lab) or even work on another OS, we will not stop you, as long as you can show us the source-code and demonstrate the results. And of course, working on your own laptops is perfectly fine and we will do what we can to support you. Linux users should work just as if they used the lab computers. Mac users have several options, command-line, Xcode, or an experimental educational environment that I very much would like your feedback on(see below). We will also support Microsoft users, with some Visual Studio demos on the demo page.

The lab material is tested under Linux Mint, but updates may be needed if the OS is updated. Last minute changes are possible but they won't change anything dramatic, rather clarify and correct minor issues.

There four labs are as follows (see the menu for the pages for each:

Lab 1: Introduction to OpenGL

Lab 2: Texture and viewing

Lab 3: Virtual world, specular shading, multitexturing

Lab 4: Terrain rendering

Plus extra lab 1 and 2 if you need more time. Extra lab 1 is in both labs, extra lab 2 in Southfork only.

The labs are scheduled mondays, 13-17, in Southfork and Olympen. You do not have to sign up for the labs. It seems we do fit in the double labs in the afternoon sessions, so we can consider the evening sessions unmanned extra time.


Deadline for labs: There are extra lab sessions on two mondays following the four "main" lab sessions. Officially, when the labs finish is the deadline. The course doesn’t end so there are possibilities to finish later, but it may take some time until there is another opportunity to demonstrate your results (some time in VT2) and after the lab series ends, your chance to get assistance is highly limited.

Other operating systems

We use Linux in the lab, but it is perfectly possible to use other operating systems. Look here for some advice:

Other operating systems

NOTE: This is old information and should be updated. Most importantly, do not use the “openGL3Example”, it is outdated. It is essentially the triangle demo using the wrong tools. The VS version of Psychedelic Teapot is up to date and works well for most students.

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