Written exam

There is a written exam at the end of the course. Your grade is determined by the written exam.

Since the course is revised a bit every year, you should expect the exam to be slightly different from earlier years, but it will still be similar. The changes for 2008 and 2012 are fairly significant though. (2008, shaders moved in and some low-level material moved out. 2012, shaders were integrated and pre-version-3 OpenGL code was taken out.) On the lessons, we will look at problems that are relevant for the exam today.

Archive with old exams 

Instructions for the TSBK07 exams 2021.

As you know, the exam must be converted into a home exam. It will be under the same time limit as usual, 14-18, but with extra time for digitizing and uploading.

The exam will be made available here at the start of the exam:


You have 4 hours plus one hour extra time to handle the hand-in.

There are no restrictions in material. However, note that if you find an answer that is different from the course book (different wording etc) then the course book is the default and solid arguments are needed for another interpretation. Thus, external material may be more trouble than help.

Copying text from any source is not allowed!

Your hand-in may consist of any kind of digital material, but should be easily read by me. This includes;

- Documents: Text, RTF and PDF files are preferred.

- PNG, JPEG and other photo formats. JPEG is recommended for space reasons.

Uploads are made to this upload page;


You will need to enter your LiU-id, and that ID must be in our list of participants. If you got this information in a mail, you are already on the list and it should work. If not, let me know as soon as possible and we will fix it.

You will need to check out a personal password (only for this page) to access your upload folder. There is a maximum file size of 5 MB, so you may need to split up your material if the files are large.

Feel free to make a test upload beforehand. Put TEST in the filename so we know.

Emergency solution: If you have problems with uploading, you can mail your results to


This is a backup plan. As far as we can see, it should not be needed, but you never know when a server is down. This will have stricter size limits, so it will most likely be harder to use. But it is a backup.

Note: This emergency solution above does not work since I can’t have E-mail on the computer-graphics domain any more. I might fix another one. As a last resort, mail ingemar.ragnemalm@liu.se.

Short version:

Open this page;


Enter LiU ID, request password. Login.

At 14 o’clock 2021-06-04, get the exam here:


Solve the exam questions.

Put your solutions in one or several files. PDF, JPEG, PNG, TEXT or RTF. Upload.

Exam "exhibition"

The exam is graded and reported, and your completed course will follow soon.

Normally, we have "exam exhibitions", where I make the exam available for you to look at in case of any objections before you take it with you.

For distance mode, we simply make your exam, with my grading and comments, available through the same system as the upload, now set to download instead, with the same login:


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