The following questions are not necessarily the ones I will ask on the duggas but they might be useful for training.

How is the smoothstep function defined?

What is the difference between a sequential and a parallel pattern (as defined by the lectures)?

What does a varying variable perform in GLSL?

What is the difference between C and G continuity?

How can you produce random numbers in a shader?

What does the 1/f rule signify?

What is the difference between supersampling and multisampling?

How does MIP mapping work?

Why are blobby objects smooth?

What is the fractal dimension of a Koch curve? Why?

How do you compute a Mandelbrot?

What is the connection between Turtle graphics and L-systems?

How do you vary Fractal Brownian Motion for different biomes?

Perlin’s flow noise is based on a specific trick. What?

What is the difference between a view plane billboard and a view point billboard?

When is instancing of a geometry shader significant?

Suggest an application of using adjcacency for a geometry shader.

Why would you want a tesselation shader to have different resolution of different sides of a polygon?

Define barycentric coordinates for a triangle.

How can you test a terrain patch against a frustum plane?

What frustum planes are unnecessary to test?

What are the typical steps for handling a particle in a particle system?

How can you implement a particle system using GLSL shaders?

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