Very preliminary, based on Stefan’s old lecture plan

1. Course plan, grading, projects, helper functions, deterministic image generation.

2. Random numbers, random patterns. Filtered noise. Noise functions: Perlin noise.

3. OpenGL, GLSL.

(Lab 1)

4. More noise functions: Voronoi noise. Distance maps. Anti-aliasing.

5. More anti-aliasing. Open Shading Language, OSL in Blender.

(Lab 2)

6. Procedural geometry. Fractals. Complex plane fractals, geometric fractals. Procedural plants.

7. Fractal Brownian Motion, heightmaps. Frequency plane filtering, Diamond-Square, Square-Square, multi-level Perlin/Simplex.

(Lab 3)

8. Geometry shaders, tesselation shaders.

9. Flow noise, billboards, instancing, multi-pass rendering, particle systems.

(Lab 4)

10. Guest lecture. Repetition through the quiz system.

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