Maps over ISY

Note: This information is now outdated. Algoritmen no longer exists, neither do Freja, Bussen and Southfork, and the new seminar room Kärnan should be added. Also, Asgård is now one of my primary labs.

My courses take place at ISY at Linköping University. Unfortunately, the official maps don’t always point you to the room you want to find. Hammingrummet and sometimes also Algoritmen may be hard to find, and these, together with Systemet, are the rooms I prefer for project presentations. Hammingrummet was missing on the map so I added it. Finally, I also added Olympen, our high performance lab which is my primary course lab.

Note that all these rooms are not necessarily formally part of ISY, but important for my courses.

So here are my somewhat updated maps over ISY:



Basically, here are my favorite seminar rooms:

Systemet: Corridor 27, upper floor, south side just west of the stairs.

Hammingrummet: Corridor A, upper floor, in the middle between corridor 27 and 29.

2023-03-28: Updated the upper floor map. The bottom floor could also need some updates but those are less important. (Filtret, Täljaren & Nämnaren no longer exist.)

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