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The TDDD56 Multicore and GPU programming course is split in two separate but not independent parts, one about Multicore CPU programming, and the other on GPU programming. The CPU material is on the official course page.

Both parts are vital knowledge for being an advanced modern software developer. Computers are increasingly multicore and distributed. The art of programming can no longer be limited to a single CPU thread, or even a single type of hardware. And that is why this course covers both CPU and GPU. Neither should be ignored.

Link to the official course page

About having a course in two parts like this: With different teachers on each part, of course they will feel rather different, but you should know that we are making efforts to connect the two so the course feels like a whole. There are intentional similarities between lab 1 and 4. Linking it together is not a trivial task, and a work in progress, but you should know that we are not ignoring it.

News 2022-12-05: All my lecture slides for 2022 are now uploaded.

News 2022-11-30: Corrected the PDF for lecture 9.

News 2022-11-30: Revised this page a bit to improve readability.

News 2022-11-28: Lecture notes 1-3 uploaded. Lecture notes reorganized to keep last years files available.

News 2021-12-09: Updates to lab 6 to reduce warnings. Defaults on OpenCL 2.2, which means that you may need to edit the version for older versions.

News 2021-12-01: Only the first lecture PDF is uploaded so far, but more will come. There are only minor changes, except for a few extra slides at the end of the latest. This page is getting an overhaul, to make demos more visible and I plan to upload more.

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