AntTweakBar for MicroGlut

NOTE: I will not be updating this. Interest for it has been nonexistant so I switch to SimpleGUI for this kind of features.

AntTweakBar is a neat and quite useful tool for visually modifying selected variables in your code. It is good for exploring parameter space, but also for demonstrations. It was written by Philippe Decaudin and is open source. Read more here.

AntTweakBar, as delivered, only has a GLUT-style demo based on old style OpenGL and old GLUT, which is not what we need so I made a demo that work with the same toolchain as the course material. It comes in two variants, one close to the old demo TwSimpleGLUT, which is based on quaternions, and one where I took out the quaternions to make it more basic.


The code is, unlike most of my demos, not complete, it requires to be linked with AntTweakBar.

This is only tested with my Mac at this point. It is notable that it did not work on my Mac, so I had to make some minor adjustments in the source code. This happens in the files LoadOpenGL.cpp and LoadOpenGLCore.cpp, where this needs to be changed:

            gl_dyld = dlopen("OpenGL",RTLD_LAZY);

is replaced by 

            gl_dyld = dlopen("/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/Current/OpenGL", RTLD_LAZY );

This may have to change again when Apple moves stuff around.


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