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THIS IS THE OLD PAGE, NOW OBSOLETE! From april 2017, no new material will appear here.

This is the front page of a domain that is used for my courses and a few other pages.
The courses are held at ISY, Dept of Electrical Engineering, at Linköping University, but these pages are not on the university server.

Pages that are not directly connected to courses include the LiU Game Jam and my OpenGL demos.

NEWS: My course books, Polygons feel no pain and So how can we make them scream? are available on-line, free, in PDF format. See the TSBK07 and TSBK03 links below.

Active courses:

TSBK07 Computer Graphics (formerly TSBK05, TSEA55 etc)
New experimental TSBK07 page.

TSBK03 Teknik för avancerade datorspel (experimental new main page) (Advanced game programming, formerly TSBK10) Old TSBK10 course page (in swedish)
New experimental TSBK03 page.

I am also involved in TDDD56 Multicore and GPU Programming. My lecture notes and lab material are here.
Game production project course. This was originally proposed as a separate course, but is run as part of TSBB11 Bilder och Grafik Projektkurs.
Graduate course in Computational Photography with GPU Computing, spring 2014
TSIN02 Internetworking (Pacman scenario download page - not the main page)
Past courses:
Graduate course in GPGPU 2006 (first version of the GPU computing course)
Graduate course in CUDA programming (winter 08-09) (Replaced by Computational Photography with GPU Computing, see above)
Spring 2010: GPU computing with CUDA and OpenCL (Replaced by Computational Photography with GPU Computing, see above)
Various undergraduate courses

Other resources and activities:

The Polygons Feel No Pain archive for modern OpenGL demos (beta)   NEW EXPERIMENTAL PAGE
Master thesis proposals (in swedish)
Hello World! for CUDA - the real thing!

The LiU Game Jam (old page)  ->  New page on other server


Lightweight IDE and TransSkel5, IDE and easy GUI API by myself.
TouchableViews, tight GUI implementation by Robert Forchheimer