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GPU Computing course


This is the (simple) course page for the course page in GPU computing.


First lecture: Wednesday 3rd of february 2010, 13:15 in Systemet.

Following lectures will take place in Algoritmen, 15-17 the following wednesdays (10/2, 17/2, 24/2)


Course contents:

4 lectures

3 labs

Projects (small)

Project seminars



Lecture 1: Course plan. GPU hardware. Discussion. Lecture material.

Lecture 2: General-purpose computing with shaders, GLSL. Lecture material part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

Lecture 3: OpenCL. Lecture material

Lecture 4: CUDA. Lecture material

(Please note that all lecture material is for internal use only by the course participants. It may contain copyrighted images that we intend to remove or reference better but the primary need is to get it up for the course participants to use.)



Lab 1: Computing with GLSL. Olympen, 3rd of march 8-12

Lab material

Lab 2: Computing with OpenCL. Olympen, 9th of march 8-12

Lab material

Lab 3: Computing with CUDA. Olympen, 17th of march 8-12

Lab material


Project proposals are due 26th or march

Lab reports are due the 1st of april extended to 12th of april!


Project seminar schedule:


21 of May, 13-15, Systemet:

Umut Kocak, "Physically Based Object Deformation on GPU by Finite Elements" PDF


28th of May, Systemet:

Peter Nordin, "Obstacle-Avoidance Control-Candidate Evaluation Using a GPU" PDF QUESTIONS

Peter Steneteg, Olle Hellman, "Molecular dynamics" PDF QUESTIONS


1st of June, 13-15, Algoritmen:

Chunlian Wang, "Narrow-band level-set algorithm on GPU using CUDA" PDF

Ke Jiang, "RC6 cryptography implementation in CUDA" PDF

Daniel Forsberg, "Improving the performance of the Morphon framework using CUDA" PDF


3rd of June, 10-12, Systemet:

Stefan Lindholm, "Large histograms and non-separable filters" PDF

Erik Ringaby, "Forward interpolation on the GPU" PDF


7th of June, 13-15, Algoritmen:

None scheduled yet. Cancelled!


14th of June, 9-11, Algoritmen

Fadimeh Vejdani Khadijeh, "" -> later

Jens Ogniewski, ""



16th of June, 10-12, Algoritmen

Hanna Karlsson och Marcus Larsson, "". -> later



Up to here was the "base" course, and everbody who have completed the course up to here are finished and your results have been reported.

Here follows sessions for those of you who (for any reason) had to delay the project until now. It was delayed by my workload too.


thursday 16th of december 13:15 in Algoritmen

Preliminary speakers:

Jian Wang, ""

Erik Hansson, ""

Jens Ogniewski ""


thursday 17th of december 13:15 in NŠmnaren/TŠljaren

Backup plan, I can add more here


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