Scenario description

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Scenario 1: Online multi-player Pac-Man game

You should design and implement the server structure and the communication protocol for an online multi-player Pac-Man game. A basic game without networking will be provided for you to work from as well as an interface to TCP and UDP which has been modified in order to simulate the behaviour of a "bad" network (with packet loss and delays).

The assignment can be split into two parts:

  1. Design and implement. Draft your design so you agree on how the problem should be solved. Implement using our platform and using whatever tools you prefer. Our platform is available here.
  2. Evaluation and experiments. Your design should be tested using different parameters for the network behaviour. Your results should be documented and evaluated.


  • You are not allowed to use any application layer protocol off the shelf. You should design the application layer protocol.
  • The players can be anywhere in the world. Significant delays as well as lost packets will occur. Your task is to make the game as playable as possible.
  • All application layer packets should be documented in your report.
  • It should be possible to serve new users as these arrive.
  • You may use a client-server or peer-to-peer solution as you see fit. Motivate your choice and evaluate it in the evaluation stage.
  • If a user-server connection is closed down, or suddenly interrupted, how is this handled?
  • When do you use TCP and UDP on the transport layer? State this for all application layer packets sent.
  • Don't overdo the report. 10 pages maximum (a bit more if you use many figures and screen shots). Write well rather than long. 
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