Lecture notes

Lecture slides will appear here, generally only shortly before or after the lectures. If you want to check out the slides before the lecture, you can find old versions by the link below.

Note that some lecture notes are very few pages. That is simply when I have worked a lot on the whiteboard.

There may be overlap between the PDF's, when material has been included in the presentation for one lecture but delayed to the next.


PDFs from 2017 are here: pdf17

PDFs from 2016 are here: pdf16

PDFs from 2015 are here: pdf15

PDFs from 2014 are here: pdf14

PDFs from 2013 are here: pdf13

Whiteboard photos

PDFs from 2012 are here: PDF12

Whiteboard photos

PDFs from 2011 are here: PDF11

Here are the 2010 files plus some demos (Lecture 7 is missing due to technical problems.)

Here are 2009 files

Here are older files

For code examples demonstrated at the lectures, look here:

The PFNP demo archive


OLDER LECTURE NOTES available at old course page.