Graduate course in

Computational Photography

with GPU Computing

Computational Photography with a performance-oriented angle

(This is small, basic preliminary course page that may be expanded to a "real" one once the course material grows.)

Lecture plan:

All lectures are in Filtret, 13.15 to 15 except when otherwise noted.

1. Introduction. 31 march
2. GPU Computing, CUDA, 3 april
3. More GPU Computing, optimization, 7 april
4. OpenCL, FFT on GPU, GPU on embedded systems, 9 april, 15.15. (Note: Different time!)
(Easter break.)
5. Image editing 1, 22 april (MOVED from 21st since that was a "red" day)
6. Image editing 2, 24 april
7. Image input, 28 april
8. Image editing 3, 30 april (moved from 1st of may, same reason)

Lectures 2 to 8 will include mandatory lecture questions as part of examination

Lecture notes:

For participants only, in a subfolder to this location named "pdf".

Homework assignments:

Homework 1

Homework 2

Homework 3