Welcome to the ISY part of

TDDD56 Multicore and GPU Programming course

This very simple page holds a few links and pointers for our part of the course. For the main course page, go here

Lectures (ISY part only)

Our schedule is somewhat modified from the original plan. One lesson has been converted to a lecture and shader programming is no longer tucked away in a corner. Official "full course" numbering in parenthesis.

Lecture 1 (8): GPU hardware, trends and architecture.

Lecture 2 (9): Introduction to CUDA.

Lecture 3 (lesson 3): CUDA memory access, advanced CUDA features.

Lecture 4 (10): More CUDA. Shader programming.

Lecture 5 (11): OpenCL (Jens)

Lesson 1 (lesson 4): Summary, interactive questions

Lecture material.

(This folder also includes some source-code demos, at present the "hello world! demo. Note that some Mac dependencies may remain but that is purely a question of trivial fixes to #include statements.)

Please note that all lecture material is for internal use only by the course participants. It may contain copyrighted images that we intend to remove or reference better but the primary need is to get it up for the course participants to use. Most such images are from NVidias CUDA programming guide.

Labs (ISY part only)

Important! Work in progress! The lab series will be revised for the 2014 course! The material in the following links may be heavily altered before the labs start. The changes will not appear immediately at the course start but some time before the official first Lab 4 session.

Lab 4: Introduction to CUDA.
Lab material
Lab 5: CUDA image filter.
Lab material
Lab 6: Introduction to OpenCL
Lab material