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Graduate course on CUDA

Latest news:

090403: Closing lecture! (Instead of the one that was cancelled.)

090320: No lecture today! It will be monday next week, in Täljaren/Nämnaren,the room next to Filtret!

090310: Updated schedule.

090224: Jian Wang's presentation has been temporarily removed by his own request due to copyright issues. Hopefully we can re-upload it later. Please do not distribute the old version.

090220: Uploaded Anders' presentation.

090218: Sorry for the lack of updates! (Caused by moving to another computer.) Most of the course has taken place and I think it has been very well spent time. Seminar notes are here. Remaining schedule: See the navigation bar.

(Switching to english.)

081005: Sidan skapad. Intresseförfrågan utskickad.

0809??: Diskussioner om hur vi skall lägga upp det här.