Here is the current base game (tested on CentOS 6 and MacOSX 10.9):


This version is updated to compile with no warnings on Linux and Mac.

Some Visual Studio files are included, and should be usable for compiling under Windows but I have not had time to test it after the latest changes. Linux and Mac users should just ignore them.

If you are using Linux on your own computer, you will need to install the following packages:

libxt-dev (the Xt library)

libgl1-mesa-dev (OpenGL, the open graphics library)

libopenal-dev (OpenAL, the open audio library)

Here are some fundamental network code examples:


Finally, here is the "bad network simulator":


Updates and further downloads may appear here during the course, and, if so, will be announced on the front page.

Old versions, just in case:


Here is a preliminary version that supports Windows (Visual Studio). It compiles and runs, but not satisfactory (severe graphics glitches), and some project files have the wrong name. I havn't managed to make Visual Studio rename projects properly. Also tested on MacOSX with no problems. So this is no "official release" but a preview for the daring.


The code has been tested on Linux, and should work on Mac with no changes. It was developed on a Mac but has been edited on Linux since then. OpenAL must be installed for Linux, but feel free to comment out the sound code if you like. Most of the code has also been tested under Windows, but not all so it will most likely require some editing to support Windows.

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