Project demo sessions

Instructions for the presentation and report, see below

On this page, I list booked demo sessions. If you want to sign up for a session, send an E-mail to me. Include the following information:

• Project title

• Session (date&time)

• Participants

• Whether you use your own computer or wish to use one of mine (requires a test beforehand)


If you don't tell me about computer needs I must assume that you bring your laptop. I can provide a computer with Linux and XP that should be able to run anything that runs in the lab. It is about the same performance as Olympen. (NVidia GT630.) If you need higher performance, I might be able to arrange it (something like AMD x6, 650Ti, Linux/Windows8, not far behind Southfork in performance). I can also bring a Mac when needed. Other needs, please ask.

Do not expect us to have a working network connection in the presentation room. If you use one my my computers, bring your program on CD or USB stick, and if possible come to my room and test it no later than the day before! This is absolutely necessary if you depend on anything beyond what we use in the lab!


A good demo session should have 3-4 groups, possibly 5, minimum 2. If we have only one group for a session, we will cancel it and move the group to another session.

E-mail me about what time you wish to present your work. (See above.)

2018 spring schedule:

We will be in the seminar rooms “Systemet” and “Algoritmen” in the B building. Systemet is located in corridor 27, upper floor, between B and C. Algoritmen in at the bottom floor near the front entrance 29. Projector (VGA or HDMI) and whiteboards are available!

All sessions start 15 minutes past (10.15, 13.15 etc).

9th of may, 13-15, Systemet

Martin Larsson, Sebastian Andersson & Per Gustavsson, "Minecraft Clone

Kevin Larsson Alm, Alexander Sääf, "Wiggly Wiggly Water

Jesper Persson, "Cleared for takeoff

Oscar Magnusson & Tobias Martinsson, “Matrix Labyrinth"

Full! Please select another!

14th of may, 10-12, Systemet

Daniel Cranston, David Gerelius, "Flight Simulator

Angelina Johansson & Linnea Fridman, "Atmospheric environment

Andreas Pettersson, Jonas Ehn, "Snow simulator

Andreas Andersson, Marcus Wallin, “Smoke simulator"

Full! Please select another!

14th of may, 13-15, Systemet

Michael Karlsson, Gustav Jannering

Olle Renius och Erik Mansén, "Sno-man's Land

Sofie Dam, Elin Petersén, “Portal travel 

Room for more!

16th of may, 10-12, Systemet

Filip Skarfelt, Elvis Jakobsson, "Procedural Island.

Oskar J, “CrashBox”

Jakob Grönlund & Susanna Larsson, "Drive 2”

Denise Härnström, Mourad Lachhab and Christoffer Malmgren, “Rooms"


16th of may, 15-17, Systemet

Sanne Ingvarsson & Anton Pohlin, I-maze

Jakob Palm, "Maximum Missile

Matti Lundgren, “FPS

Tobias Nilsson, Alexander Eriksson, “CT/MRI 3D volume renderer"


17th of may, 13-15, Systemet

Erik Sandlund, Gustav Strandberg, “Skogsgenerator.

Linus Eriksson och Maria Posluk, “Solsystem.

Albin Vestin, "point-and-shoot spel från isometrisk vy”

Erik Johansson, "Rendering with ray marching"

Full! Please select another!

18th of may, 10-12, Algoritmen

Klara Hellgren och Anna Birgersson, "Island in the ocean

Sebastian Fridell, Carl Ekman och Lisa Eriksson, "World of Pusheen

Niklaus Studer, Anders Kettisen, Alisa Kovaliova, “Observer

Karin Fritz, Johan Edstedt, Fredrik Almin, "Cave explorer

Carl Rapp

Crowded! No more here!

18th of may, 13-15, Algoritmen

Emil Segerbäck

David Pop, “Simple ray tracer”

Felix Eklöf and Loïs Bilat, "The Quest for the Holy Grail”

Lok Han Wei Kelvin, Yeo Jin Yan, "3D Ball Maze" 


Sessions that are "full" or "crowded" should be avoided. One more group on a "full" session is possible but I think it is better to form one more session. Contact me to be put on a waiting list. As soon as I can find two groups who can share a session, we can add one.

Mandatory participation

You must be present on one session - the one including your own presentation! If it is not possible for all persons in your group to be present at the same session, your group will make two presentations, with different people!

Project demonstrations

Your demonstration consists of two parts:

• about 10 minutes presentations of the work using whiteboard and/or slides/transparencies

• about 5 minutes demonstration of the working program

Make us understand what you did. Focus on interesting points. Don't forget to be somewhat entertaining. Be aware of who you are talking to (your course mates). Make the time worthwhile for the audience!

Inform me beforehand of any special hardware and software needs! I will do my best to provide what you need, but inform me in time. Also, it is wise to test your program beforehand on the computer that you will use.


About 3-5 pages (no less than two pages of text), describing what you did, how it was done and why you solved it the way you did. I am not counting pages, I am counting contents. Use figures, it is a graphics course and screenshots are cheap. Typical structure:

1. Introduction. Describe the problem, basically the specification you started from. What features were mandatory and optional?

2. Background information. Any information about the kind of problem you solved that is needed to follow the rest of the report.

3. About your implementation. Tools used, program structure.

4. Interesting problems. Did you run into any particular problems during the work?

5. Conclusions. How did it come out? How could it have been done better?

Source-code must be supplied, preferrably in electronic form.

I recommend you to hand in report and source-code as soon as possible, but it should be no later than one week after your presentation.

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