Welcome to TSBK07!

This is the brand new home page of TSBK07 Computer Graphics, a computer graphics focused on real-time animations, parallel programming using graphics shaders, visualization and games.

This page is in development. I am trying a new tool, which is a bit more closed than my old one, but it might have some significant advantages over my old solution. It looks very promising in that respect.

The course starts from the basics, the mathematical foundations, and covers a wide diversity of topics, including vitals like shader programming, light and shading, texturing and visible surface detection, but also covers deeper topics like large world management, collision detection, fractals and ray-tracing.

We use modern OpenGL with GLSL in all laborations.

The course follows this model:

1) Lectures. Relatively passive learning, introducing theory and practice.

2) Laborations. Get active, learn how to do it yourself.

3) Project. Get creative! Make a project defined by yourself in communication with the course leader, go deeper into the topics that interest you the most.

Important notice! The course book is available from Amazon and needs to be ordered well in advance if you want a hardcopy. I have a few copies for sale myself but when they are gone, they are gone. You are welcome to follow the course with the electronic version only but the book is cheap so you don’t have to choose that for economic reasons.

Latest news:

180216: Booking system active!

180215: The next lab needs booking due to the different schedule! Booking page is coming ASAP!

180208: New common archive. The changes in the Linux and Windows versions below are included, as well as an update on the Mac version (application moves to front when lauched) plus support for a few more glutGet variables (window size and mouse position) in the Linux version. Since I still consider the changes below experimental, I also include the old versions for Windows and Linux, just in case. (Just make sure not to compile both the new and old version together, or you will get link errors.)

180206: Some changes in Lab 3. (You don’t have to change your solution if the change is relevant to what you have already done.)

180128: I have not booked Nollstället for Lab 2. With three more computers in Southfork (the ones that malfunctioned last time) there shouldn’t be a problem.

180125: New version of MicroGlut for Linux! I have found some workarounds for the problems that some of you experienced under Linux on your laptops. I could reproduce the problems and made some experiments. This version seems to do the job. However, it is a quick fix, with very limited testing, so we must consider it experimental for now:

experimental new MicroGlut

180213: Nollstället is now booked for all remaining labs. It might be needed for the last lab.

180122: Lab 1 has finished (that is, the session). The labs were crowded but not overcrowded. We could possibly work without Nollstället, but on the other hand, I like to have a bit of slack. If you didn’t finish completely, don’t worry, you can demonstrate on the next session.

180116: The seminar room “Nollstället” is booked as extra space for lab 1, for those of you working on laptops, to avoid too crowded labs. It is located right between Southfork and Olympen. I will open it at the beginning of the lab session. If it turns out to be needed I will book it for later labs as well.

180115: Welcome to the computer graphics course 2018!

171016: Uploaded the two latest primary exams.

170610: All project reports are now read and I have mailed the verdicts (that were overall positive). It was a bit faster to do than the exam. Results for both will go to LADOK as soon as possible.

170609: The exam is graded and reported in, and I will now handle the project reports, which had to wait for a while.

170518: The project presentations are now finished, and I am very happy with the results! There were many fine projects, and there are quite a few that have qualified for the bonus points already. Remember to hand in code and report no more than a week after your presentation!

170406: A major overhaul of the web pages and an update up pretty much all demos on the demo page have been completed! Nobody has said much about the new web pages. I hope that isn’t because you don’t want to hurt my feelings. Better a constructive comment now than too late on the course evaluation. It is much easier to change the layout now than before, so I can do it.

170420: Project demo sessions are now published! Also, the “common” files have been updated several times lately, and are now in a single place to avoid confusion.

170307: The lab course has ended. This means that you should get started with your projects. If your labs are not quite finished, you can still finish them but with less supervision.

170209: I am still ill, so I have to cancel the friday lecture.

170124: All labs are now updated to work with Linux Mint!

170116: Welcome to the computer graphics course 2017!

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