Lecture plan:

Since we have international students in the course, all lectures will be held in english.

1. Introduction, graphics systems, API's (Chapter 3)
2. 2D graphics (Chapter 5), OpenGL introduction
3. 3D transforms, 3D engines, Viewing, Projection (Chapter 6)
4. Introduction to visible surface detection (Chapter 12), polyhedra models (Chapter 8.1-8.4), light models, shading (Chapter 7)
5. Surface detail, texture mapping (Chapter 10)
6. More surface detail, texture mapping, multitexture, light mapping, bump mapping, environment mapping (Chapter 10),m skybox, Bump mapping (supplement)
7. More bump mapping (supplement), Normal matrix (Chapter 7), A bit more about shaders including multitexturing (Chapter 10 and 18).
8. Picking (supplement), Rotation around arbitrary axis (Chapter 6), Large worlds, high-level VSD.
9. Level of detail, Billboards (Chapter 13)
10. Curves and surfaces (Chapter 8.5-)
11. Spline continuity (Chapter 8.5-), Animation, Particle systems (Chapter 14)
12. Collision detection (Chapter 14)
13. Fractals and noise (Chapter 9), Anti-aliasing (Ch 16)
14. Ray-tracing and radiosity (Chapter 17) Line-drawing algorithms, polygon rendering (Chapter 15)
15. Loose ends. Advanced topics. OpenGL ES.

Note: Due to my illness after lecture 7, the plan will be messed up a bit. Material from lectures 10 and 11 were covered by Jens at lecture 8, and lecture 9 is cancelled. The rest will thus be somewhat reoganized - as little as possible, of course.


For the official schedule, see link in the sidebar.