Project demonstrations

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Make us understand what you did. Focus on interesting points. Don't forget to be somewhat entertaining. Make the time worthwhile for the audience!

Inform me beforehand of any special hardware and software needs! I will do my best to provide what you need, but inform me in time. Also, it is wise to test your program beforehand on the computer that you will use.


3-5 pages (no less than two pages without figures), describing what you did, how it was done and why you solved it the way you did. Typical structure:

1. Introduction. Describe the problem, basically the specification you started from. What features were mandatory and optional?

2. Background information. Any information about the kind of problem you solved that is needed to follow the rest of the report.

3. About your implementation. Tools used, program structure.

4. Interesting problems. Did you run into any particular problems during the work?

5. Conclusions. How did it come out? How could it have been done better?


Source-code must be supplied, preferrably in electronic form.