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up Parent Directory 07-Apr-2011 14:12 - unknown 1.pdf 07-Apr-2011 13:55 4481k unknown 10 high-level VSD.pdf 07-Apr-2011 13:55 2381k unknown 11a Billboarding.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:10 3645k unknown 11b DP Animation.pdf 07-Apr-2011 13:57 6793k unknown 11c collision detection.pdf 07-Apr-2011 13:56 6681k unknown 12 radiosity.pdf 07-Apr-2011 13:58 4293k unknown 12 raytracing.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:03 8961k unknown 12a colldet cont.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:00 3069k unknown 12a rest of ray-tracing.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:00 4125k unknown 12b coll handling.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:03 2461k unknown 13 obj repr.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:07 11905k unknown 13 radiosity.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:04 5113k unknown 14a obj repr cont.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:06 4453k unknown 14b fractals.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:06 1525k unknown 16a intro.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:06 157k unknown 16c text.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:07 2609k unknown 16d scene graph into.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:07 637k unknown 16e future etc.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:07 3973k unknown 2.pdf 07-Apr-2011 13:56 6049k unknown 3.pdf 07-Apr-2011 13:56 1289k unknown 4.pdf 07-Apr-2011 13:58 9593k unknown 5 intro.pdf 07-Apr-2011 13:57 953k unknown 5.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:06 10473k unknown 6.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:06 6993k unknown 7a shaders.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:10 3297k unknown 7b glsl intro.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:10 3549k unknown 7c examples.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:06 2745k unknown 7d texture.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:06 4161k unknown 7e debug devtools.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:07 2789k unknown 8a rotation around arb axis.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:07 1873k unknown 8b line generation.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:07 1869k unknown 9 lowlevel.pdf 07-Apr-2011 14:07 9433k

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